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Pedro Padilha named Online Player of the Year

The latest results propel Pedro Padilha to the top...

Pedro Padilha’s recent form is impressive. The Samba Poker Team member has consistently accumulated results in recent months and has been the highlight of 2024 so far. And this can be illustrated with a new feat achieved by the professional in recent days.

With 25% of the year already completed and with the great momentum of the season, Pedro Padilha has taken the lead in the race for the title of “Player of The Year” in online poker. Recent results, such as winning the Sunday High Roller at PokerStars yesterday, have propelled him to the top of the table.

In the race for the Best Online Poker Player of the Year ranking, Pedro Padilha starts April with 10,604 points, with a slight advantage over the runner-up. His main rival at the moment is British player Patrick Lauber, owner of the PokerStars nickname “JaegsPL”, who has 10,566 points.

Another player on the list who is doing well is Russian high-stakes regular Aleks Shepel. “draxalen” is in third place with 9,930 points. Other notable names in the top 10 are Uruguay’s Ramiro Petrone (9,189 points), Sweden’s Niklas Astedt (9,111) and Brazil’s Carlos Ribeiro (9,003).

If Padilha keeps up the consistency he’s shown so far, he’ll be hard to knock off the top spot. Is another achievement coming for Brazilian poker?

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The latest results propel Pedro Padilha to the top...

“Poker_54Rhu” wins Supreme Battle HR title

“Poker_54Rhu” wins Supreme Battle HR title

On Tuesday the 19th, several players won huge winnings at Suprema, replenishing their balances. In the R$250 Battle HR, grinder “Poker_54Rhu” defeated 871 opponents and earned R$40,243.

“Pró Saúde 30%” also became the winner of the R$750 HighS. He finished first out of 80 entries, winning R$17,603.

See more results:

R$75 Mystery Prize (1,288 entries)

Winner: “Graxinha” R$ 11,943

R$15 Plus (2,004 entries)

Winner: “Pitaqueiro” R$ 8,861

R $55 Big Plus (639 entries)

Winner: “Aisengobay_” R$ 8,565

“Poker_54Rhu” wins Supreme Battle HR title

Cristian Aquino takes Brazil to GGMillion$ FT

Cristian Aquino takes Brazil to GGMillion$ FT

Cristian Aquino will defend Brazil at the final table after qualifying for the GGPoker satellite GGMillion$. He was in the lead for most of the first day and finished with 77 BBS, just 1 less than CL “LemonHouse”.

Cristian was the only player from that country to score in the 180th edition of the High Roller Event, with ITM reaching . Bruno Volkmann ended up losing all his chips before the ITM flop. The 9tales star 3betted with 11 BBS, pushing straight from the small blind. Back in the action, Barak Wisbrod called and revealed K ♦Q♣. Leading with K♠10♠, Volkmann couldn’t find any outs on a 9♥9♣4♠3♥6♥ board.

Not long after, Eliot Hudon eliminated Georgios Manousos and brought “everyone in”. In another preflop all-in, the Canadian bet 10 9♥ and the Greek Then bet A♣7♥. 10♠ was unforgiving for Manusos and he was eliminated.

The finalists return to GGPoker tomorrow at 3:00pm (BST). A little later Later, starting at 3:30 pm, the GGPoker YouTube channel will begin to unveil.

Chip Count

1. “LemonHouse” (Mexico) 3,119,477

2. Cristia “axelroses” Aquino (Brazil) 3,074,590

3. Pavel Plesuv (Moldova) 2,677,346

4. Barak Wisbrod (Israel) 2,533,103

5.Oliver Weis (Germany) 1,326,486

6.Eliot Hudon (Canada) 932,480

7. Volodymyr Palamar (Ukraine) 857,031

8. Maher “Mr Nouira” Nouira (Andorra) 379,034

9. Ottomar Ladva (Estonia) 186,543

Cristian Aquino takes Brazil to GGMillion$ FT

Pedro Neves spoils the wonder of Thomas Santerne’s double positioning in GGMillion$.

Pedro Neves spoils the wonder of Thomas Santerne's...

Tuesday night is time for GGPoker’s biggest regular tournament, the €10,000 buy-in event called GGMillion$.

This week has seen one of the strangest and most striking games since this High Roller saw the light. How do you eat this?

Well, double elimination on the bubble and a sitout by Thomas Santerne, who at the same time of the tournament we must think that he was traveling from the French capital to Andorra after dispatching the HU of the €50k of the EPT Paris.

Besides these two “holes” in the lineup, the highlight of the lineup was the lead of Damian Salas, with almost a stack ahead of Pedro Neves and the mysterious and supposedly wealthy businessman “spaise411”.

Finland’s Eelis Parssinen is the best known of the rest of the cast, where you’ll get a look at the play of Paulius Vaitiekunas, a former GGMillion$ winner when he called himself “redpillgame” and Andrii Derzhypilskyi, a WSOP Online event champion.

Alternatively, you might prefer the in-house production by GGPoker-associated player Steve Enriquez, who was supported by Alberto Perez “Catof” on the microphones.

There was little time to enjoy the Baltic players, who fell while Santerne was out of the game.

The Frenchman appeared again at a table of six where there were three players below 10bb. Salas was stealing chips from everywhere but Pedro Neves’ stack, and there wasn’t much more plastic left on the table.

Santerne was favored by the quick exit of the rest of the shorts, because it was no longer so easy to put pressure on him. In addition, Salas doubled him up in the blinds and in the next hand both Santerne and Neves made three kings and the €50k Paris champion took second place.

Neves recovered with KK against Damian Salas’ AK, who ate another cooler with KK against Santerne’s AA to finish in fourth place.

Neves managed to raise the stack of “spaise411” and went into the HU with 11M points against 2M, an advantage that did not diminish until the final hand.

Pedro Neves $289,015

Thomas Santerne $225,709

spaise411 $ 176,269

Damian Salas $137,659

visomar $107,506

Eelis Parsinen $83,957 $ 83,957

Paulius Vaitiekunas $ 65,567 $ 65,567

Andrii Derzhypilskyi $51,205

Pedro Neves spoils the wonder of Thomas Santerne's...

Gabriel Silva is looking for Mini Bounty Builder HR from PokerStars

Gabriel Silva Wins $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR to a...

Tuesday’s PokerStars tournament brought some good results for the Brazilian team and a repeat of the film from the previous day: one of the main highlights of the site’s starting lineup ended with a green-yellow victory. This time it was Gabriel Silva who achieved the feat and recorded the best result on the platform.

Flow Poker Team regular who runs the “Xisde-GR” account on PokerStars won a $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR. Gabriel Silva beat out 2,470 entries in this contest and ended up with $14,538 in his account. Keven Augusto (or “kevenppn”) also rounded out the podium, finishing in third place and earning $5,624.

In the best phase of his career, “Kevitto” achieved even more. Not content with a bronze medal, the pro won gold in another event. Keven Augusto defeated the $109 Phenomeno, leaving 297 players. That earned him an additional $5,631, bringing the two results to $11,255.

In the most expensive version of Bounty Builder ($530 HR), the two stars reached the finals of the tournament with 96 entrants. Marcelo Aziz finished second, earning $8,421, and Pedro Padilha was third, also on the podium, earning $4,413.

See other results:

Event Player location Price

Bounty Generator US$ 109 Alysson Bruno “Brunopoker94 ” 1st Place US$ 5,735 US$ 27 Daily Eliminator Matheus Souto “KingSouto” 1st Place US$ 5,629 US$ 55 $ Daily Supersonic “jr050685” 1st Place US$ 3,986 Big US$ 109 “Fox__MEF” f 1 . US$3,977 US$11 Micro Super Tuesday Bruna Kurtz “Cigana#13” 1. US$3,898 Bounty GeneratorUS$33 “JBV420” 2. US$3,479 US$ Bounty GeneratorUS$11 “Ducabi” 1. $3,458

Gabriel Silva Wins $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR to a...

Yakiv Syzghanov Inaugural WPT Prime Champion 2024

Yakiv Syzghanov Inaugural WPT Prime Champion 2024

The first WPT Prime Championship of 2024 takes place on Monday night at the Pasino Grand in the south of France. Yakiv Syzghanov won the second WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence event in partnership with TexaPoker. Syzghanov, a native of Ukraine, took home the €133,400 ($144,612) first prize, which included a seat at the WPT 2024 World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas worth $10,400.

Yakiv Syzghanov wins €1,100 @WPTPrime Aix-en-Provence Championship @Pasinogrand @TexapokerLive!

He won the title and €133,400 ($144,612), including a trip to the #WPTWorldChampionship @WynnLasVegas in December!

Congratulations, Yakiv!

— WPT Prime (@WPTPrime) February 5, 2024

The €1,100 Prime Championship event runs from February 1 to One takeoff on February 5, 2024, instead of a total of four. At the end of the first day, there were 758 participants, a 40% increase from last year’s event. The total prize pool was €727,680 ($788,842), with the top 96 players taking home the prize money.

Day 1A – 133

Day 1B – 192

Day 1C – 311

Day 1D (Turbo) – 122

Just one step away from the winner’s circle WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence winner by Laurent Michot Won (2nd place: €82,000). WPT 2023 Bestbet Scramble winner Frederic Normand had a great performance (3rd place: €40,700). The official final table was completed by Dylan Cechowski (4th: €45,000), David Sacksick (5th: €34,000) and Andrea Volpi (Sixth place: €26,000).

“Today is a very important day for me. It’s an incredible, incredible feeling. 100% a dream come true.” Syzghanov said after the win. “Thanks to everyone because it was very difficult. We played twelve hours over six days in a row. I failed every time I flew… I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried the turbo flight and then I won.”

The second stop on the WPT Season XXII Prime Tour is the WPT Prime Amsterdam Music Festival from March 15th to 23rd. The centerpiece of the festival is the Prime Tournament, which has a buy-in of €1,100 and will take place from March 17 to 22. Other events include a €565 Opening Event, a €1,100 Pot Limit and a €2,200 High Roller.

Yakiv Syzghanov Inaugural WPT Prime Champion 2024

‘raphaelciafa’ wins PokerStars Carnival Series Main Event

'raphaelciafa' wins Carnival Series Main Event two...

The PokerStars Sunday Million has a slightly different format this week, as the traditional $109 buy-in tournament corresponds to Event #46-M (Main Event |) of the Carnival Series, as well as a mystery bounty. After two days of competition and 12,036 registrants, the championship was won by the Green and Yellow Teams.

“raphaelciafa” emerged as a survivor and received a gold medal at the end of the day. The Brazilian grinder turned his buy-in into a windfall of $68,793, claiming 13 mystery bounties over the course of the tournament – PokerStars did not disclose the amount won through mystery bounties.

‘raphaelciafa’ wasn’t the only Brazilian at the final table . “Londee” also battled valiantly for two days to finish in fifth place, earning $18,282 and 14 bonuses in the process.

Of the 73 Brazilian players entering the second day of competition, five were among the top 20. João Sobrinho “jonespkr” ranked 15th, winning $1,978 and 10 bounties, Durair Netto “Duraircwb” received the same award, ranking 17th and 15 bounties, while Vitor Adiron “vitoradiron” ranked 20th, winning 1,291 dollars and 7 bounties. The total prize pool is $1,250,000.

'raphaelciafa' wins Carnival Series Main Event two...

KSOP SA: Thomas Kyle loves high roller day trips

Cash Player Thomas Kyle Wins KSOP GGPoker SA One-D...

The KSOP GGPoker South American Final High Roller One-Day Event was held in parallel with Day 2 of the Main Event on Saturday (03), and was ultimately won by American player Thomas Kyle Hickner, a lucky cash game player who deserves to make his debut in 2024 on tour.

Thomas Kyle traveled to Brazil with a few poker friends in search of victory and showed off his high level of play, qualifying the tournament out of 162 entrants. The buy-in fee is R$7,000. As a reward, he received a huge bonus of R$182,500. The four-handed table match sealed the deal.

Thomas expressed his joy after the victory: “It’s very exciting, especially with my friends. Winning this game on my first visit to Brazil is very special.” Used by the champion Said a few words.

He had to beat a very qualified final table that included some of the biggest names in the Brazilian game, including his friend Assad Kamran ) won the main event at the 2023 Fortaleza Finals.

In a four-man match, Thomas, Eduardo Kalil, Gustavo Henrique and Hermogenes Gelonezi decided to fight against the ICM in order to escape Pressure, the champion said of the pick: “I think the final table was really good because we took the pressure off. “I was able to play like a cash game player, I ignored the jump, and being able to ignore that concept was very comfortable for me ,” he explained.

Impressed with the structure of KSOP GGPoker According to the offer, the champion intends to continue playing on the Brazilian circuit: “This is my first time at the KSOP and I really like it The structure, the dealers were great, “the tables, the people and I will definitely be coming back more often” he concluded.

View the entire prize pool:

1 . – Thomas Kyle Schickner (USA) – R$ 182,500*

2. – Eduardo Carlile – R$ 130,500*

3. – Gustavo Henrique Torres – R$ 155,500*

4. – Hermogenes Gelonezi – R$ 115,000*

5. – Asad Kamran (Norway) – 66,000 reais

6. – Celso Sirtoli – R$52,000

7 – Luis Dorneles – R$41,500

8. – Marcelo Barros – R$33,500

9. – José Aldo Mota “Lula” – R$27,500

*Agreement reached during 4-Handed battle for the title, with prize money of R$58,000

Cash Player Thomas Kyle Wins KSOP GGPoker SA One-D...

Mystery bounty event added to GGPoker’s Sunday schedule

Mystery bounty event added to GGPoker’s Sunday sch...

The most anticipated part of the week gets even more unmissable on GGPoker. Every Sunday in the Bounty Hunter Series, the world’s largest site hosts at least three tournaments in the Mystery Bounty format, the latest trend in online MTT.

Following Saturday’s starting lineup, Sunday’s event will feature three buy-in levels to appeal to players of all levels. Check out the tournament:

15:00 – $105 Sunday Showdown ($1,000,000 GTD), jackpot of $100,000

16:30 – $15 Sunday Secret K.O. ($250,000 GTD), top prize $25,000

16:30 – $1,050 Sunday Secret KO ($500,000 GTD), top prize $50,000

It is possible to get excited about tournaments by investing very small amounts of money. Seats on Sunday’s $15 Secret K.O. Express satellite flight start at $3.75. The $105 Sunday Showdown includes $6 and $12 satellites, as well as quick satellites starting at $26.25.

The Bounty Hunter Series runs through February 5th, always offering numerous affordable, fully guaranteed tournaments.

Mystery bounty event added to GGPoker’s Sunday sch...

Sosa takes second chance at Casino Carrasco

Sosa takes second chance at Casino Carrasco

Although the First High Roller Event at the Sofitel Casino Carrasco Montevideo is the star of the show, there are parallel tournaments as well. The festival has contributed. This comes from LL Eventos.

On Friday night, as the Friday players were packing up their chips, the second chance began. The tournament has 57 entrants and a $300 prize pool, rising to $14,000.

The eventual winner was Christian Sosa, who took home the trophy through an agreement reached with three other contestants. Glory and $2,750.

Heads up, Argentinian Christian Choca defeated Archimaut, who received $2,500, as well as Santiago Honorio and Dmitry Lukyanov , who was also part of the deal and finished third and fourth respectively.

The final table of this tournament consists of: Juan Francisco Carrera, Luciano González Scaltritti, Juan Repetto, Mario Rajic and Federico Aguilera Pravia.

Tournament: Second Chance

Buy-in: $300

Participation: 57

Pot: $14,000

Sosa takes second chance at Casino Carrasco

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