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WSOP Paradise: Yuri Martins in HR PLO Finals Day

Yuri Martins enters final day of $26,000 PLO High...

Another major tournament kicked off Thursday at WSOP Paradise, with a host of Brazilian players taking part. Event #05 US$26,000 High Roller PLO saw 140 players enter, with 32 players qualifying for the final day. Yuri Martins is one of them.

In search of his fifth bracelet, Yuri showed off all his skills in a PLO game and advanced with 1,290,000 chips (approximately 86 big blinds). Brazil were joined by Felipe Mojave and João Simão, who were eliminated on day one.

The chip leader is Michael Monceck with 1,405,000 chips. Notable names include Chris Brewer (1,200,000), Biao Ding (1,050,000), Chad Eveslage (900,000), Oliver Weis (700,000), Daniel Dvoress (595,000), Shaun Deeb (585,800), Dan Shak (515,000) and Stephen Chidwick (440,000) and Chino Rheem (150,000).

The final day will take place this Friday at 3pm Brazil time. With blinds at 10,000/20,000, the stakes are high. The prize pool has yet to be announced, but the $2,000,000 guarantee has been successfully breached, which should guarantee a hefty payday for the winner.

Yuri Martins enters final day of $26,000 PLO High...

Adrian Mateos finished in seventh place ($349,400) in the GGMillion$ HR tournament at WSOP Paradise.

Adrian Mateos finished in seventh place ($349,400)...

Adrian Mateos’ path to his fifth bracelet came via the final table of the GGMillion$ High Roller Championship at WSOP Paradise, ending with just four moves on the screen.

A replay of the match was delayed several hands, in which Adrian flopped a check-raise pot and was short stacked in the match. With the cameras on, Amadi only needed four hands to find one to steal the blind. Adrian was all-in for 44, having just been dealt a hand that would have given him the least chance to go all-in at the time, chip leader Daniel Smiljkovic.

The Madrid-born player’s pair beat his opponent’s AJ to the river, completing a Broadway run. The only positive thing from the FT is that Adri has moved up one spot in his short time on the field thanks to the elimination of Matthew Stumpf (No. 7, $349,400). It started off hot, winning three hands in the first few hands and losing two along the way, but that didn’t get him the bracelet. The chip leader had to settle for third place on the podium, ahead of former WSOP ME champion Damian Salas.

The dizzying pace of the final table came to a complete halt. He reached his head. Featuring German pro Samuel Mullur and the only American in the finals, Frank Brannan. The battle for the bracelet lasted three hours until the Europeans ended the showdown with a few kings.

The two agreed they had cashed in the $5,000 tournament only once in their careers and never in other tournaments. High roller. Feodor Holtz’s long shadow looms over the Bahamas. He was the first to dedicate Mullur’s first bracelet to him, a student who was truly grateful to his teacher.

Adrian Mateos finished in seventh place ($349,400)...

WPT Prime has put together its first final table

WPT Prime has put together its first final table

On day three of the WPT Prime Championship, nine players remained from a record field of 10,512 entrants, setting up a $10,196,640 million prize pool. An attempt on Wednesday will be to reduce that number to six, so that the room will be televised next Tuesday the 19th, the day the winner will be announced.

Four members of the Armada were eliminated on day two, Matías Gabrenja,Nicolás Betbesé, Ariel Mantel and Dorian Ríos and another Nick Yunis who didn’t make any money.

One ​​of the two final tables of this WPT.

The winner will win $1,386,280, plus $10,400 into the next WPT tournament. Among the nine survivors, Jon Glendenning is the leader, jumping to the top with 72,600,000 chips. All are guaranteed a salary of $135,850.

Buy-in: US$1,100

Entries: 10,512

Pot: US$10,196,640

Blinds: Level 37 (500K/1M, 1M ante)

Top 10

1° Jon Glendenning – 72,600,000

2° Jay Lu – 67,900,000

3° Calvin Anderson – 61,200,000

4° Valeriy Pak – 60,200,000

5° Bob Buckenmayer – 46,600,000

6° Aaron Pinson – 45,900,000

7° Yuebin Guo – 32,600,000

8° Mukul Pahuja – 17,900,000

9° Tri Dao – 16,500,000

Payment table

1° US$1,386,280*

2° US$910,000

3° US$675,000

4° US$505,000

5° US$380,000

6° US$290,000

7° US$225,000

8° US$173,000

9° US$135,850

WPT Prime has put together its first final table

Felipe Carmanhani defends himself after software controversy

Felipe Carmanhani talks using support software on...

The controversy surrounding streamer and trainer Felipe Carmanhani took on a new chapter on Wednesday. Felipe Carmanhani was accused of using the GTO Wizard tool (hand range software) while playing on PokerStars.

Kamanhaney commented on his YouTube channel and reiterated that he never made any move using GTO Assistant. The seven-minute video shows the streamer defending himself, then comparing the hands shown in the live stream to the research he conducted using the GTO Wizard while the screen was playing:

“I never played past the GTO. I started learning about it recently,” Kamanhani said. “I usually play 10 tables, and it’s absolutely impossible to play 10 tables with tools. PokerStars knows that. My own style is very different from what GTO suggests,” he added.

PokerStars with Felipe Carmanhani The account has now been blocked on Wednesday morning. Although GTO Wizard is not listed as a banned application, it is considered live support software and is strictly prohibited under PokerStars rules.

The anchor said that he is waiting for the company’s final ruling.

“I know it’s unreasonable and I apologize for using it. Pokerstars will make the decision and do what they have to do. This is my free version and it only has ChipEV. This It’s impossible for me.” Used it on a lot of tables. I’ve never used it at the final table. I learned through tools and everyone comes to their own conclusions. PokerStars will analyze everything and find that it’s nowhere near what the GTO wizards suggested.

This one The anchor also commented that on the day of the controversy, his bottom line was negative:

“It wasn’t a day where I came out positive and I won.” I can’t even say that! “Oh, but you cracked the tournament.” Unfortunately, I didn’t crack anything, nothing good. “

The player’s sponsors, Aldeia Poker Team, released a statement on their social networks on Tuesday evening, saying they “support” clean and fair play and do not agree with any violation of the sporting code. .” Carmanhani promoted the Aldeia Poker Team during the live broadcast.

More Advice

Eduardo Carvalho, “n00kie5”, is the broadcaster for Felipe Carman One of the main figures in the accusations against Felipe Carmanhani, he made a long video in which he revealed all the details that led people to believe that Felipe Carmanhani was guilty and asked PokerStars, for example Punishment, at least in the case of a ban, seems likely in the coming days.

In the video, Carioca raises questions about Felipe’s behavior during the live broadcast, pointing out inconsistencies and providing factual chronology information to date. Take a look:


Youtuber, streamer and poker coach, according to his Instagram profile: Felipe has a net worth of over R$ 1, a cumulative winnings of more than 1,3 million, and more than 1,300 students.

The player has multiple e-books and courses even for those who want to become poker streamers and has over 50,000 followers including YouTube, Twitch and Instagram.

His videos are often viewed thousands of times and are constantly updated. They contain a variety of content, including analysis of the final tables Neymar played in.

Felipe Carmanhani talks using support software on...

Willian Cestari Wins Tough Battle for BSOP Ranking

Willian Cestari Wins Tough Battle for BSOP Ranking

When BSOP 2023 began, Willian Cestari wasn’t even thinking about competing for a BSOP 2023 ranking. With three important wins in the first two stages, he began to prepare for the long race. Never giving up on this dream was the basis for the greatest success in his entire career.

“I arrived in Sao Paulo and the first stage was in progress. I ended up winning the no-rest race, which started at 2pm and ended at 4am the next day. Then I won the “Last Chance” ” champion and was already ranked high. I wasn’t sure if I should go to Brasilia, but I ended up traveling with some friends and won another tournament there. I did the Winter Million but nothing It didn’t happen. I won some ITM games but only got some points and dropped down the rankings.”

Willian has no intention of continuing to chase the league leaders and had a loose and unexpected performance in Iguazu Something happened.

“It’s weird. I’ve done 5 FTs in a row and won 3 titles.” I moved up to fifth place, 190 points behind leader Dodô Oliveira. Since everyone is on the same page, I created a schedule for the BSOP Million based on the rankings. I managed to win the full package on the PokerStars Online Satellite, which helped me a lot. Although I didn’t participate in the mixed competition, I achieved good results and gained a nice little fat body, which helped me win the championship. ”

In the final act of the BSOP Millions, William was only 49 points away from first place grinder Gabriel Valero. Then each of them put their strategies into practice , GGPokers Team Pro has the chance to “steal” the lead of the previous championship with its starting lineup.

All Baleeiro has to do is enter ITM Event 92: R$2,000 dealer’s choice of 20 games to decide the 2022 rankings The same event. The Bahian even had a place in the Financial Times but was well behind all his rivals. After being eliminated in the bubble, he has watched the title go from He slipped away.

Willian Cestari Wins Tough Battle for BSOP Ranking

2023 BSOP Millions Main Event

2023 BSOP Millions Main Event

BSOP Millions’s massive Main Event is in the early stages of Day 1. The goal isLatin America’s most important tournament guarantees a prize of 10 million reais and Espanyol’s aim is to seize all the glory.

More content has been added to the final day with the addition of two-day races, Days 1G and 1H Turbo, with qualifiers taking place against the 740 players who advanced on previous flights.

Initially, 1G was performed periodically. That is, there are 9 stages, each of one hour. As of that day, there were 451 registrations and 172 qualified players. Of the 48 players who qualified, Federico Rumpfenegger is our best player with 207,000 chips. Additionally, German Poncio collected 163,000; Diego Cortazzo, who finished with 156,500; Alexis Martínez, who finished with 154,500; Gabriel Muzzio, who folded for 150,500, was joined by Marcelo Ortiguela who won $131,000 and Jaime Farriol who won $121,500. .

Also Martín Lategui, Nicolas Velarde, Diego Aro, Ezequiel Vagel, Sergei Utenkov, Eduardo Herrera, Carlos Ibarra andMarcelo Fernández, who will compete on Day 2B on November 24th.

As this flight concluded, the turbine round had 112 competitors and was highly controversial. In the qualifiers,Victor Rodriguez stood out, leading Survivor with 319,000 points. He is joined by Saba Peralta, José Lesta and Javier Zaldo.

2023 BSOP Millions Main Event

BSOP Millions: André Busato Leads Main Event Day 1G

BSOP Millions: André Busato advances to Day 1G of...

The BSOP Millions Main Event held another double qualifying round on Tuesday (21st), with the seventh round, Day 1G, featuring 173 of the 451 entrants taking home BRL 4,000. Qualified for Day 2.

The chip leader was regular player André Busato from Curitiba, who had a total of 532,500 chips at the end of the blinds. He also finished first in total chips. The gap to second place Everton Ferraz is huge with 327,000 chips.

Also, Zeca Geleilate (259,000), Alisson Piekazewicz (250,000), José Odemilson (204,500), Pedro Cavalieri (204,500) and Thiago Teich (193,000) are also eligible for standout status. , Igor Thiesen (173,000), Felipe Eugenio (153,000), Guilherme Chammas (147,500), Danilo Gomes (135,500) and Nicolas Coppini (123,500).

The final two qualifying events for the BSOP Millions Main Event will take place on Wednesday. Day 2 is divided into two parts, with Day 2A consisting of players from Days 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E and 1F and will begin on Thursday at 2pm. Day 2B is Friday and has 1G, 1H, 1I and 1J. So far, there have been 2,315 registrants and 914 qualified players.

BSOP Millions: André Busato advances to Day 1G of...

BSOP Millions: Murilo Milhomem Wins LAPT Mystery KO

Murilo Milhomem wins LAPT mystery KO at BSOP Milli...

Winning a BSOP Millions tournament is the dream of every player who plays the event, and landing one of the most rewarding tournaments on the grid is certainly another reason to be excited. For example, Murilo Milhomem of Tocantins left the LAPT Mystery KO match with a smile on his face.

Omaha pro Murilo decided to compete in Monday afternoon’s Max Late race (20). and purchased it for R$5,000. The victory came after nearly 12 hours of play in the Sheraton Hall of the World Trade Center. Milholm defeated 397 opponents to earn R$268,500, including a mystery bounty.

Murillo was very happy with his win and celebrated with his fans. He said of the success: “It’s great, I’ve been with my friends. My fiancée came to the final table today to cheer me on. The final table was very intense and I’m very happy with the win. No words Say it!”

Murilo is among them One chooses to only play on the second day of the tournament and is a player with a relatively low stack compared to other opponents. However, he did not go crazy, but played the game calmly and said:

“Yes, since I am not within the bounty range, I must get the ITM first, so there is no need to be too crazy.” Others. People came later, because it seemed like I didn’t have much and everyone else would go crazy and eliminate me, so I played EV chips, the normal strategy. Then, of course, when I got close to the bubble, I held and went short, but then we tried it,” he explained the strategy.

As the game continued, Murillo soon found himself in the lead status. The final table of this tournament was attended by several well-known players. He left behind Leandro Bustillo, Matheus Tomei, Ronan Andreu, Thiago Raposa, Anderson Machado, Luis Gianello, Walter O’Quim and Mathews Graziotin. However, the road to the championship is not easy.

“I am in “Financial Times” made it to the final table after losing a flip in the semifinals, but came up just short. I started tighter, playing ICM and waiting for bigger values ​​while the bigger guys opened wide. I won my first flip, had two eliminations, and then I started getting more involved in the game and things started happening. I was third in chips, then second. I won heads-up by 7 million against 33 people, but I managed to turn the tables and everything went well. ” he said.

The champion showed curiosity, which was also part of his victory. His fiancée Luana was present today to watch the event, after winning 50,000 reais, 25,000 reais and played a key role in the valuable bounty of 10,000 reais. In addition, at the request of third place winner Walter Oaquim, the “lucky girl” opened Carioca’s envelope and also took out 50,000 reais, winning 10 % as a gift.

“I have three bounties. “At the beginning, I took two copies and left one in my bag. One gave me 2,000 reais and the other 5,000 reais. I kept one and then took another Got two. I called Luana and she took 50,000 reais, 25,000 reais and 10,000 reais out of 10,000 dollars, unbelievable. Also, Walter saw this and asked me to open it for him envelope, so that if Luana takes away 50,000 reais, he wins 10%. The result is there, a real lucky charm,” concluded the champion.

Look at the final prize:

1. – Murilo Milhomem – R$268,500

2. – Matheus Grazziotin – R$ 103,000

3. – Walter O’Quim – R$ 74,850

4. – Luiz Joanello – R$ 60,520

5. – Andron Machado – R$ 47,900

6. – Thiago Raposa – R$ 36,900

7. – Ronan Andrew – R$ 27,450

8. – Matheus Tomei – R$ 19,850

9. – Leandro Bustillo – R$ 16,050

Murilo Milhomem wins LAPT mystery KO at BSOP Milli...

Phil Hellmuth praises great performance and puts humility aside: ‘I’m the best in the world right now’

Phil Hellmuth praises great performance and puts h...

In an exclusive interview with Card Player, Phil Hellmuth once again expressed his immense confidence in his game. After a great WSOP match, he didn’t mince words, once again declaring himself the greatest player in history and the true GOAT of poker.

“The tide has turned and now they’re big pros like Sean.” Dib gave me the “GOAT” title, acknowledging that I was the best player in the tournament today. My results over the past 20 months bear this out. It’s nice to get genuine recognition. Although the big guys at the second level (world rankings 8 and 80) still don’t give it to me. This level doesn’t understand the greatness of poker and will never reach the top. Ivy knows how incredible I am, and I know how incredible he is. I always say, “Great people know who the great people are,” Hellmuth explains.

Hellmuth has been a member of the Poker Hall of Fame since 2007 and has the utmost respect for poker’s greatest legends. At the last WSOP, he attended a ceremony honoring Doyle Brunson just hours after winning a bracelet marathon in Event 72: the US$10,000 NL Hold’em Super Turbo.

“I”I didn’t sleep. “This all happened before the tribute to Doyle, even though I won the bracelet at 5 a.m. I spoke from my heart about Doyle. I think people loved it, and that’s the point.”

In the decisive final of Event 72, Hellmuth met players from different generations. Despite the fatigue and pressure of maintaining a WSOP record, he said he never gets nervous.

“Sometimes I get stressed out when I get tired and lose pots. For example, at the H.O.R.S.E. tournament, I got impatient.” When we were down to eleven players , no eliminations within four hours. I was very focused at first and thought I could at least win heads-up, but I lost a few pots I should have been in and dropped to 11th place. ”

Hellmuth was one of the highlights, finishing 10th at the WSOP, the largest tournament in the world’s history. With experience playing in the World Series since 1988, he believes poker has never been more popular than it is now. .

“It’s Poker Craze! I think the pandemic has created new players. “Thanks to our great games (18-24 year olds are coming back in droves) and to the 100,000 retired gamers who are better off now than they were then (maturity helps!) because they don’t Play again and start enjoying playing poker again. Retired players have more money and better ideas about bankroll management.”

Phil Hellmuth praises great performance and puts h...

Professional advice never hurts

Professional advice never hurts

Here are some thoughts, advice and comments from some of the best poker players in the world on how to become a great poker player.

“A hand can be won by luck or lost by bad luck.”. Play a thousand hands or more and you will see how bad luck and good luck disappear. .Eike Adler, trainer and author of several poker books.

“Poker is a very broad and extremely important thing to understand “In poker, experience is the most important” Katja Thater, Professional Poker player.

“Luck plays a role in poker, but when we play for money, we should ignore luck as a factor.” January Meiners, professional poker player and author of several books.

“Don’t marry a hand; it will happen.” occurs often with hands like A-K. Chris Moneymaker, professional player and 2003 WSOP Champion.

“If we focus too much on making money, we’ll end up playing poorly.” Chris Ferguson, 2000 WSOP Champion.

“A doubling preflop with a 6-7 hand may cause us to lose on the flop, but it gives us control of the pot at the table, an attitude that will make our opponents Decide on their next move. Erick Lindgren, Professional Poker Player.

“Play the game as simply, safely and smartly as possible. Never copy another player’s move as a bluff unless you have a good reason. ” Chris Moneymaker

Professional advice never hurts

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