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Video: Raul Mestre analyzes Papo MC’s heroic call in Eureka – PKL

Video: Raul Mestre analyzes Papo MC's heroic reput...

Spaniard Raul Mestre, a brand new member of the Spanish Hall of Fame, gave an interesting analysis of Papo MC’s spectacular Hero Call at the Eureka Poker Tour in Prague Web Poker Editor’s “Monkey Island” project.

When this hand occurred, only 13 players remained in the Main Event, with Argentinian Alejandro Lococo playing as the chip leader. A few hours later, he won the tournament and pocketed the top prize of €417,820. At the EPT Prague Festival he won two titles and placed seventh, earning €518,320.

You can watch Raul’s analysis in this video (duration 1:26):

Video: Raul Mestre analyzes Papo MC's heroic reput...

Why is keeping an eye on your stack a good thing?

Why is keeping an eye on your stack a good thing?

Just like in war, when we have lots of ammunition, we don’t respond to combat the same way when we have very little, or when supplies are scarce or in excess, or when it’s time to survive without fighting. We don’t respond to combat in the same way when it’s already arrived. Very long or noticeable. chips.

In poker, the number of chips we play with is one of the most important factors in strategy design.

Chips are not the only determinant of a good game. But this is one of the most important, and other factors vary depending on the size of your own and others’ stacks.

The first and most important general explanation that needs to be given involves determining the size of the usefulness stack and the consequences of these quantities in different game modes (cash games, sit & go or tournaments), Because there are almost no points of contact between them.

In cash games, the number of chips we play is optional (within the limits set by the room, e.g. minimum 30bb – maximum 100bb). So this is a voluntary strategic decision.

José Litvak is a great poker theorist.

Everyone has a certain body type they can choose and may feel more or less comfortable with, or find tactics that work better or worse for their respective body types.

In tournaments, however, everyone’s starting chips are the same, except for those allowed to start with a double box, which fluctuate depending on how the game develops.

Thus, the size of our stack at any moment incentivizes us to play accordingly. This is a mandatory tactical adjustment.

To put it more clearly: At cash tables, we are the ones who choose the strategy we like to play, which determines the number of chips we will use. In a tournament, on the other hand, our evidence list specifies and limits actions.

This is where the first differences emerge – motives and goals – the effects of which are crucial to the analysis of the problem.

It is not the same as voluntarily implementing a specific strategy, but rather doing so out of obligation. In one situation we would be comfortable, in another we certainly wouldn’t (a friend of mine in the old trade told us she wasn’t entirely satisfied when she did it just for love).

The purpose and possibilities of cash games are also different from tournaments. Therefore, the consequences of the number of “balls” and/or “reserves” on the table also apply.

To win in cash games you must exit with more chips than you purchased, and you can rebuild your stack at any time if you wish so you don’t have to change your tactical line. That’s impossible in a tournament.

Regardless of the genre, the ultimate goal of the game is to steal other people’s chips, but the size of the chips changes the immediate purpose; that is, “how” it is achieved. The gravity of the situation is that anyone who doesn’t fit within this parameter is doomed to fail.

And the “how”, these strategies, are not different, “they vary according to the opposite magnitude”. We will analyze this in more detail.

In the literature and poker conversation, stacks are often classified as short stacks, medium stacks, full stacks, or deep stacks, although this in itself doesn’t mean much.

Because the measurement parameters, objectives and conditions are different for each game style, and the scope or importance of cash is not the same as the scope or importance of seats and wagers. go or MTT (multi-table tournament).

When talking about stack size, it is important to be clear about which variant we are talking about. Any vague or general reference will fail to express anything specific and, on the contrary, will be confusing.

Why is keeping an eye on your stack a good thing?

WCOOP: Pablo Brito leads brothers in Event #29-H

Pablo Brito leads Brazilian players into final day...

One of the most financially valuable events at WCOOP 2023 this Sunday (17th) is Event 29-H, the $1,050 Progressive KO, which attracts 626 entrants and begins on Saturday. The competition has been cancelled, with 79 players taking part, including several Brazilians.

The Brazilian division is led by star Pablo Brito, also known as “Pabritz,” who qualified for Group 9 with a score of 1,654,811. Chips to play with. Two spots below him is Vinicius Steves, “jason13-2008” in 11th place with 1,476,418 chips.

Brazil still There are Pedro Galaniani “pvigar” (1,263,442), Marcelo “marceloaziz” (1,076,685), Felipe Boyanovski “lipe piv” (716,478), France Villano is among the players Kovalski “Kovalski1” (670,653), Dante Goya “dantegoyaF” (377,284), Pedro Padilha “PaDiLhA SP” (342,077) and “BrAK1989” (282,553).

The game will resume at 1:30 p.m. On Sunday, the blinds are 8,000/16,000 and the ante is 2,000. The prize pool is $1,144, but since the format is Prog K.O, the winner will receive a whopping $47,320 plus all winnings collected during the tournament.

Pablo Brito leads Brazilian players into final day...

WCOOP: Rafael Moraes finishes 2nd in Event #27-H

Rafael Moraes finishes 2nd after a lengthy final t...

Rafael Moraes came close to winning the WCOOP this Sunday (17th) but narrowly missed leaving the trophy on his bookshelf. As the chip leader in the final leg of Event #27-H ($530 NLH Deep Stack), the PokerStars Ambassador lived up to his expectations by making it to the final table and finishing in second place.

“GM_VALTER” 620 participants were awarded $39,607 for their performance. Moraes wasn’t the only Brazilian to perform well. Denys Ramos (“dennysramos2”) also came out on top, finishing with the bronze medal. His third-place finish earned him $28,756.

The final table is a real test and all pots are taken seriously by players. After the collapse of Alex Debs “Schildy1984” (a German playing under the Brazilian flag) and “MiracleQ”, Denis and Moraes were joined by “SuspiciousCat” and Englishman Gavin Cochrane “gavz101” “It was an exciting four-hand match. It was a long battle and the stack configuration changed a bit.

Rafi Er served at the right time, but Suspicious Cat surged ahead, almost setting up a parallel showdown between the Brazilians that would turn into a one-on-one fight to see who came out on top. Under pressure, the Andorran player suffered a heavy defeat preflop and eliminated Danny’s all-in move when the Brazilian had 25 big blinds. Against AQ the card count is 86 and the board is 79597.

This means that foreigners lead “GM_VALTER” 4:1 entering the heads-up. The match lasted 11 hands and even got off to an encouraging start for the 4bet team member, who won the first 5 hands. In the sixth game, “SuspiciousCat” hit Moraes’ QQ, taking away half of his chips. The duel ended with A2 going all-in preflop on 548T5 against K6.

Rafael Moraes finishes 2nd after a lengthy final t...

Yuri Martins approaches enea in WCOOP Event #31-H

Yuri Martins is on the verge of claiming his secon...

The first week of the WCOOP was a special one for Yuri Martins. The leading figure in Brazilian poker captured his eighth WCOOP title today with a historic five-way comeback at the final table of Event #20-H. It didn’t take long for the man from Paraná to repeat the feat on Sunday (17th) in a very similar scene.

Yuri reached the final table of the star-studded event #31-H ($2,100 NLHE). and finished third. “theNERDguy” earned a bronze medal out of 99 registered entries, worth $28,258. Kelvin Kerber also weighed in, finishing seventh with $10,079.

Besides Team Samba In addition to members, the FT also includes Enrico Camosci “WhaTisL0v3”, Samuel Vousden “€urop€an” and Joao Vieira ( João Vieira) “Naza114” and other stars. and Niklas Astedt “Lena900”. Yuri needed a lot of patience because he was short-stacked for long periods of time when the tournament was down to five players, but he managed his stack at his usual level.

With both Vieira and Astor by the wayside, the Paraná native entered into a three-man duel with “Aminolast” and “Haringbuis”, but the foreigner got the better of him. The last one was a blind war against “aminolast”. Yuri raised to 2.2 blinds, 3-bet to 5.5 blinds, and went all-in for 26 blinds. The Canadian had a slightly larger stack and called with AJ to QJ. The 3QAAQ board temporarily deprived Yuri of his chance at a second title.

Yuri Martins is on the verge of claiming his secon...

Kelvin Kerber wins WCOOP event 32-H

Kelvin Kerber wins WCOOP event 32-H

Brazilian Kelvin Kerber, who holds the record for most SCOOP titles, will soon take home another WCOOP trophy. On Saturday night the 15th, he placed the green and yellow flag on top of the podium in Event 32-H: $1,050 No Limit Hold’em (5-Max, Turbo, PKO). The pilot of the account “Kelvin_FP:AR” was chosen from 210 participants to take home $41,619.

Officially, Brazil won the double in Event 32-H, but the runner-up was Bruno “bbernadinho” Bernardino is actually one of several Portuguese living in the country .

This also applies to former Main Event Champion Andre “PTFisherman23” Marquez. Earlier in the day, he won Event 24-H: $5,200 NL Hold’em (Progressive KO) for $179,134.

Kelvin’s samba partner Warley Bruno also enjoyed great success. In Event 22-H: $530 No Limit Hold’em, he won bronze and $31,322. Meanwhile, Kim “kimmarinho” Marinho finished in fifth place, earning $16,647.

Soon after, in Event 25-L: $33 NL Hold’em (6-a-side, single reentry), Emmanuel “77portuga” de Castro (2nd), Wender “Wenderr” Oliveira (third place) and “lucaomananoo” (fourth place) earned $12,549, $8,744 and $6,092 respectively.

Kelvin Kerber wins WCOOP event 32-H

Exclusive Interview: August Ranking Great Champion “Rodrigo27”

Exclusive Interview: August Ranking Great Champion...

The player “Rodrigo27” from Argentina achieved a very difficult and worthy achievement in the last LATAM LEAGUE at 888poker, so we were interested to know more about the back of his avatar, which is all Online – the players have.

Question:Rodrigo, first of all, congratulations on becoming the Latin American League champion in August. With one winner and two runners-up, you really stand out!

How long have you been playing poker, specifically at 888poker?

Rodrigo: I started playing poker in May 2020. My first platform was 888poker. I barely knew the rules of the game at the time and started building my credibility through the numerous freerolls out there. In fact, this is an incredible opportunity because it can be difficult for beginners to make the decision to fund their account to encourage them to get started.

Initially I played Sit And Go and as I felt more confident I started playing micro tournaments, always along with freerolls and SNGs. As time went on and my bankroll grew, I was encouraged to enter bigger tournaments such as the $109 Main Event. I’m currently playing Cash No Limit 2 with the aim of improving and increasing my stakes.

Question: What are your best results live and online?

Rodrigo: My best online result came at the Big Shot 109 Main Event, where I placed 134th out of 1,008 players and won $315 . I also finished first out of 514 players in the 888poker $500 PKO 6-Max event. My personal best result was 2nd place in an MTT event with 40 players for around $100.

Question: You spent time learning poker, how, where, and what advice can you give us?

Rodrigo: Yes, I took the time to learn poker and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve doing this. In particular, I learned about tournaments from Zero’s poker courses and learned about cash with the help of experienced trainers. I also think it’s important to keep an eye on bankroll development and your opponent’s statistics. Learning how to use the HUD is one of the best things you can learn about online poker.

Question: Is it better to play online or live? , which one do you prefer?

Rodrigo: I think playing online is better for a few reasons. On the one hand, availability is permanent and games can be played in parallel on multiple tables, speeding up the learning process. In a live game, it’s important to practice gestures, storytelling, and patience. On the other hand, the advantage of playing online is that you can easily keep track of your opponent’s statistics via the HUD, which can make difficult decisions easier. Finally, in Argentina at least, it’s cheaper/easier to play online because the buy-in prices are much cheaper than in casinos or other live events. I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil, where poker was declared a mind sport and sports clubs developed significantly, with tournaments held around the clock.

I think face-to-face games are more important than face-to-face games. It’s even better if you’ve gained enough online experience and are ready to add another level of difficulty and complexity to your game.

Question: What improvements and can you give us any suggestions for the next Latin American league?

Rodrigo: Overall, I think the league is very good, it’s become fantastic. A meeting place for Spanish people. There was a good atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship among the players who spoke. Personally, it has allowed me to meet new colleagues. The limited rebuy tournament format is very comfortable for me because it allows us all to play more seriously and responsibly. It’s also worth mentioning that I, along with several other players, qualified for free tournaments on all dates of the league, which increased participation and made the proposal more interesting.

As a suggestion, I will say that I would like a bigger prize pool like the last date.

Question: What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the poker industry? ?

Rodrigo: I have a few pieces of advice, all equally valuable, the most important of which is: manage your credit responsibly and never play more than 10% The balance of the level. Always remember, this is a game and the possibility of failure is potential. If this happens, don’t be frustrated. Luck may happen to you in a moment, but making the right decisions will reduce risk in the long run. Especially for tournament players, variance has a greater impact.

Finally, study a lot, there are many concepts, formulas, and strategies that can improve your game and understanding. I would like to thank my study group and competition partners. Mainly Natalia, Fernando, Matute, Chiru, Emi and Chino.

Thank you for all your knowledge and support.

Question:Thank you for your time, see you at the poker table!

Exclusive Interview: August Ranking Great Champion...

Felipe Pantoja wins WCOOP event 25-H

Felipe Pantoja wins WCOOP event 25-H

The Brazilians have already shown in the first week of the WCOOP that they will dominate the PokerStars Felt. The country claimed five titles on Saturday alone. Kelvin Kerber was crowned champion in Event 32-H, while Felipe Pantoja outlasted his opponents in Event 25-H: $3,150 No Limit Hold’em (6-max, re-entry possible). He finished first out of 94 entrants, winning $67,388.

In the 24m:$530 NL Hold’em (Progressive KO) event, the national team won the doubles “Shun Zao” with “ferkovsk” and Alexandre “Pazinato” The two players raised respectively $103,927 and $65,098. Also in the tournament, Victor “victorbco” Hugo earned $34,572 to finish fourth.

A short time later, history repeated itself in the 22-M event: $55 No Limit Hold’em. The deal netted champion Felipe “fcb-serv” Badotti $29,872. Meanwhile, runner-up Rafael “R4F3R4” Façanha’s bankroll increased by $28,249.

“rutherfordio II” also won at the WCOOP. He earned $5,993 after defeating 8,707 opponents in Event 22-L: $5.50 No Limit Hold’em.

Felipe Pantoja wins WCOOP event 25-H

La Mano Perfecta

La Mano Perfecta

This is a new episode of La Mano Perfecta, hosted by Rodrigo Garcia Lussardi and Brian Saslavchik. On this show, it all started…

Oh my gosh, it started with Larsluzak and his pair of aces. This time we continue with the incomplete hand from the World Poker Tour (WPT) Foxwoods Poker Classic. Hand analysis of the 2007 World Poker Tour (WPT) tournament at Bellagio occurs in the third block. The last block is the cards they sent us, this time a truly unmissable card from Marcos Campora.

La Mano Perfecta

WPT bestbet party games at the Jacksonville Music Festival in Florida

WPT bestbet party games at the Jacksonville Music...

WPT Ambassadors Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme will host WPT bestbet party games during the WPT bestbet Scramble Festival in Jacksonville, Florida. Festival dates are from October 26 to November 14, 2023. MUG will take place on Thursday, November 9, the day before the tournament event begins, with a $5,000 buy-in.

“ “Jacksonville is new territory for us. “Owen said. “We hope to see some new faces at MUG, as well as fans coming to the festival. This should be a good warm-up for the WPT bestbet Scramble Championship event. ”

bestbet Jacksonville Poker Room has reserved 20 tables for MUG, with play starting at 2:00 PM ET. All tables offer $3/$5 No Limit Hold’em with buy-ins Ranging from $300 to $1,500. Events at select tables will be broadcast on bestbet Jacksonville’s own streaming channel, bestbetLIVE.

” “Florida consistently ranks high on my list of the best states for poker ,” Neeme said. This will be my first experience in the North Florida poker scene. I have no doubt that we will be welcomed with open arms. A huge thank you to bestbet Jacksonville for hosting and broadcasting our friendly cash game party.

Two poker pros will also compete in two tournaments during their stay in Jacksonville. First up, they’ll compete in the one-day $300 Celebrity Bounty WPT Celebrity Bounty No-Limit Hold’em event on November 8. Both have bonuses. Then, MUG, Neeme and Owen will go all out in the $5,000 WPT Bestbet Scramble tournament, taking place November 10-14.

WPT bestbet party games at the Jacksonville Music...

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