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KKPoker weekend prizes exceed $300,000 GTD

KKPoker weekend prizes exceed $300,000 GTD

KKPoker’s tournament grid continues to get stronger with a guaranteed prize pool of over $300,000 this weekend. The highlight of the event is the Rocket Bounty 30K GTD, which will take place tonight at 10:00pm and will feature 15 special guests who will each receive a $100 bounty.

Tomorrow at 10pm, Super Bounty 53K GTD promises an even more exciting experience with 30 invited professionals taking part. Whoever eliminates them will also receive a $100 bonus.

Check the dates and times for major tournaments below:

06.10. – 8pm – Rocket PKO Day 2 $25,000 (GTD $25,000)

10.06. – 8pm – $20 Knockout King ($7,000 GTD)

10.06. – 10pm – $30 Rocket Bounty ($30,000 GTD)

07.10. – 4 a.m. – $200 High Roller ($30,000 GTD)

10/7. – 08:00 – $50 Warrior ($10,000 GTD)

07.10. – 10am – $30 Mega Bounty ($25,000 GTD)

07.10 – 10pm – $30 Mega Bounty ($53,000 GTD)

08.10. – 4am – $100 (GTD $50,000)

10.08. – 10am – $30 Bounty ($10,000 GTD)

08.10. – 8pm – $20 Diamond Hero ($5,000 GTD)

Satellites available 24 hours a day

One of the features of KKPoker is the abundance of satellites available. Since there are satellites on the platform almost every 15 minutes, you only need to invest $0.50 to participate in the site’s main event. This allows players with even the lowest budgets to compete for the platform’s popular games.

KKPoker weekend prizes exceed $300,000 GTD

Ivan Stokes wins WCOOP 2023 Main Event Senior Champion

Ivan Stokes dominates the straight to win WCOOP 20...

Another successful phase of the PokerStars WCOOP has come to an end with Brazilian bonuses in the Main Event mid and lower stakes. However, in the most expensive and popular version, British ace Ivan Stokes (PokerDetox Partner) made the cut with a whopping $10,300 buy-in.

This well-deserved victory came after four days of competition in which Ivan etched his “ILS007” account in the WCOOP after defeating 600 qualified contestants. in history. On top of that, he received a million-dollar bonus of $1,047,257, the largest bonus of his career.

Ivan performed well throughout the tournament and final table. Starting the final with the biggest chip stack of the nine finalists, he struggled at first and even lost his spot as the tournament chip leader, but eventually went all-in on pre-flop AA against Brazilian QQ Kelvin Kerber takes the lead. Eliminated in seven rounds.

Since then, this diligent player has never stopped and has always stayed ahead. In four hands, Ivan broke Niklas Astedt’s KK with 22 on the 8Q243 board and took half of the chips. His next victim was Juan Pastor, who went all-in preflop with A9 to 44, with A368T on the board causing the Argentinian to be eliminated and heads up.

The final stone in Stokes’ shoe is a mystery. Swede “ShipitFTW911”, but heads up the cooler and ended the game in just a few hands. With KK, he hit a huge pot on a board of 6T722 and was successfully paid off by his opponent’s pot of 99, giving away all his chips to deliver a nice win for WCOOP 2023 Main Event Senior Champion Ian Stokes .

See the final prize pool:

1. – Ivan Stokes “ILS007” (UK) – $1,047,257

2 – “ShipitFTW911 ” (Sweden) – $765,389

3. – Juan Pastor “xPastorcitox” (Argentina) – $559,385

4. – Niklas Astedt “Lena900” (Sweden) – $408,827

5. – Leonard Maue “Grozzorg” (Germany) – $298,792

6. – Jamil Wakil “Jamil11” (Canada) – $218,372

7. – Kelvin Kerber “Kelvin_FP:AR” (Brazil) – $159,598

8. – Mario Mosboeck “livinmydream1” (Austria) – $116,642

9. – Kayhan Mokri “KayhanMok” (Norway) – $94,330

Ivan Stokes dominates the straight to win WCOOP 20...

Fortea88s PokerStars Online Double Champion

Fortea88s PokerStars Online Double Champion

Yesterday, the regular tournament was the main attraction for PokerStars MTT players.

Red Spade Room organized 6tournaments with prize money of over 10,000 euros. One of them ended with Spain’s victory.

sanmames10” won the €10 Bounty Night and took home €1,844.90.

fortea88” The most outstanding Spaniard of the day, he won the Double Online Crown, winning the €10 PKO and the €20 PKO.

If you count these wins, La Roja has a total of 18 wins in regular MTTs. These are the Spanish winners for Thursday:

  1. “Ssharks23” (PKO 10 €). *.
  2. “Danielon240” (SuperStack 1€).
  3. “pedromelli7” (PKO €30).
  4. “fortea88” (PKO €20).
  5. “ fortea88 “ (PKO 10€).
  6. “sacociemo” (SuperStack €5). *”sacociemo” (SuperStack 5 euros).
  7. “hole86″ (bounty generator 5€). *”hole86” (bounty generator 5€). *
  8. “YOKALICO” (PKO 1€).
  9. “makanas” (bounty generator 5€).
  10. “wmonty” (SuperStack €2). *”wmonty” (SuperStack €2).
  11. “albertoviaje” (microdose €1 per day).
  12. “sanmames 10” (bounty night £10).
  13. “Tiritaña” (Bounty Generator €50).
  14. “pokerfacedeases” (PKO £5).
  15. “joprara” (SuperStack Turbo €20).
  16. “periikoo” (SuperStack Turbo €10).
  17. “kronen 1” (Hold’em NL 1 euro).
  18. “martokar” (PKO €3).

The Spaniard won the 6Double and equalized our team’s HUNegative:12firstvs.18Second place.

These are the results of Thursday‘s regular tournaments with 5-figure jackpots:

  1. Japapokerx (Mini Thunder 10 €. Price: €2,798.34. Number of games: 2,527. Prize pool: €22,743. Country: Brazil).
  2. Bluitas (Thunder £50. Prize money: €3,475.35. Number of entries: 511. Prize pool: €22,995. Country: Brazil).
  3. frostinhooo (ST Night) Star €250. Prize pool: €4,608.45. Venue: 78. Venue: 78. Prize pool: €18,135. Country: Belarus).
  4. LaWiiid (Bounty Generator €10. Prize Pool: €1,081.01. Venue: €1,272. Number of Entrants: 1,272. Prize Pool: €11,448. Country: France).
  5. KaiserVon747 (Big Bang €50. Prize pool: €2,380.79. Number of entries: 296. Prize pool: €13,320. Country: France).
  6. sanmames10 (Bounty Night £10. Prize money: €1,844.90. Number of entries: €2,198. Number of entries: 2,198. Prize pool: €19,782. Country: Spain).

Fortea88s PokerStars Online Double Champion

“CarroDoOvo wins HighS da Suprema

“CarroDoOvo wins HighS da Suprema

Grinder “CarroDoOvos” Suprema had a great warm-up to the Poker Series Main Event. He beat 89 players at the R$1,500 HighS table to win R$44,293.

Meanwhile, “Donk Pro” was crowned the winner of the R$250 Battle HR. As the first among 959 participants, he gained R$33,666 in points.

“-BOBBY-” also received a five-figure bonus. He won R$15,822 after beating 212 players in the R$550 Mystery Bounty.

View other results

R$ 55 Battle (1,214 entries)

1. Ranking – “ganggang1 ” R$ 8,917

R$15 Plus (4,235 items)

1. Location – “SergioIT” R$ 8,538

“CarroDoOvo wins HighS da Suprema

Caio Mayrinck takes the podium in WCOOP Event 1-H

Caio Mayrinck takes the podium in WCOOP Event 1-H

If you lose in the WCOOP Main Event, you can still celebrate your huge success at the PokerStars Festival. Caio Mayrinck was eliminated in the 1-H: $109 NL Hold’em 3-hand event on Tuesday night. Drivers with the account “Sombra97” won a total of $68,621. Before them, “Pedrozadota” (8th – $15,322) and “ALEXAREIS” (9th – $11,353) also lost all their chips.

In Event 1-M: $22 NL Hold’em, Iago “stek94” Botelho brought the flag to the top of the podium. Neverstandard poker player earned a $65,018 win, while “mohsalah11” took home the bronze medal and $35,931. Meanwhile, “bpaludo11” earned $14,767 after being eliminated in sixth place.

“Stoffels212” also performed well in event one. In the low $5.50 version, he placed third out of 7,620 entries in Stage 2, a performance that earned him $21,769.

Also at the WCOOP, Ivan “ivan Limeira” Limeira led the country into the final round of event 102-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em (Progressive KO). The man from Ceará was eliminated in the seven-person draw and won $18,409. Douglas “drogba060193” Barbosa (No. 11), who missed out on the FT, saw his balance increase by $18,755 thanks to the bounty.

Caio Mayrinck takes the podium in WCOOP Event 1-H

Renan Bruschi ends WCOOP with first place and second place in Event No. 106

Renan Bruschi wins event #106 High, takes second p...

Renan Bruschi is one of the most important Brazilian players at WCOOP 2023. With three titles and several final tables, the pro from Rio Grande do Sul is one of the highest-ranked players in the series and ended Wednesday night (04).

Using his “Internett93o” account, he simultaneously reached the final table of event #106 Mixed NLHE/PLO 6-Max mid-high version, earning his fourth WCOOP title and finishing second in the event .

In the most expensive version ($530 buy-in), Renan showed all his talent and beat 159 competitors over two days. The win earned him his third title in 2023 and a massive $17,193 in prize money.

Meanwhile, Renan narrowly missed out on a double in the mid-sized event against 1,006 entrants. Renan was eliminated heads-up after a beautiful comeback at the final table and won another $6,831, which with other bonuses brings the total to $24,024. Rounding out the final table are Fábio Cavalcanti “Fá”(3rd place – $4,759)and Adrovan Rodrigues “AadrovanRj21”(4th place – $3,316).

Renan Bruschi wins event #106 High, takes second p...

Cade Farias wins WCOOP Main Event minimum prize and takes home $257,000

Cade Farias wins WCOOP Main Event minimum prize an...

WCOOP 2023 has the largest number of entries, no problem for Brazilian Cade Farias. In the Lower Main Event, he defeated 27,183 opponents to win his first title at the festival. The pilot of the “CadeMito” account earned a total of $257,039.

Unlike many of his opponents in the finals, Cade did not make any re-entries during the Main Event. Argentinian Damian Salas, on the other hand, held on briefly at FT, firing four shots. In his farewell, the world champion lost by one stroke from ACheck to Q♥Q♣ from “Ant1K1ller”.

The last South American player, Cade, is the one who sent “Ant1K1ller”. “. Home. Another all-in preflop, he showed A♠K♣ to A♦Q♣, eliminating the Kyrgyz player in sixth place.

In 5 hands, Cade alternated with “Stoqnov303” until the Brazilian took down a huge pot of 53 blinds. Holding A♥A♠, he immediately called the Bulgarian’s 4-bet all-in with Q♣Q♠. 5 The board of \10♠8\4♣10♣ did not surprise Cade, who doubled his chips. At the same time, “Stoqnov303” only had 2 BBS left.

Although Despite the odds stacked against him, “Stoqnov303” still managed to advance to the trio, and one hit spelled his demise. When A♣K♠ went up against Cade’s A♦9♥, he saw Team Cardroom’s grinder hit 5♣3 ♠9♠9♣8♣ board.

Going into the heads-up with almost twice as many chips as “Goonie Tit”, Cade needed to work hard to defeat his opponent from Malta. The balance sheet was very balanced and the deal was Inevitable. They kept playing until Cade sent Goonie Tit home. Here’s what happened:

The blinds were 3,500,000/7,000,000, the ante was 875,000, and “Goonie Tit” All-in, Cade raises to 24,000,000. Here, “Goonie Tit” also goes all-in for 133,520,820. Cade immediately calls and shows 8 8 ♠. With A♥2♥, “Goonie Tit” flops 9♠5 ♥2♠ won more outs, but the K♥ on the turn and 7 on the river confirmed the Brazilian’s victory.

With 27,184 entries and a $109 main event low, PokerStars cancels $2,500,000 guaranteed and pays out $2,718,400 in bonuses.

Cade Farias wins WCOOP Main Event minimum prize an...

Luiz Constantino wins 2023 WCOOP Finals

Luiz Constantino closes out 2023 WCOOP with victor...

WCOOP 2023 ends on Wednesday evening (04), with plenty of time to win some Brazilian titles in the series. The most notable of these was Luiz Constantino, who received a handsome bonus after winning a side event.

The pro from Costa São Paulo won the WCOOP Side Event: USA $109 NLHE 7-Max Last Player with the account “Giant_Santos” out of 854 entries. As a bonus, Luiz Constantino left PokerStars with a balance of US$26,197.

In the final event of the $530 series, #110-H, Brazil hit home with “viniig” account captain Vinicius Gonçalves. . He finished second out of 307 entrants and added $14,900 to his credit.

Finally at WCOOP 108-M: $530 finally frozen, No. 366 entrant, Brazil had two representatives at the final table. One of them is Keven Augusto (or “kevenppn”), who is third with $14,815, and Edilson Jr (or “EdilsonRTJ”), who is fourth with $9,725.

See more results below:

Event Player Place Price

WCOOP 105-L: $33 Super Tuesday “Bruno.Godoy2” 2. $14,299 WCOOP 105-L: $33 Super Tuesday “FatGodPoker” 3. $10,193 $530 Bounty Generator HR Davi Cola “DaviMMaker” 2. $10,006 WCOOP Edition: $33 Bounty Generator “CannaGrower1” 1. $9,251 WCOOP Edition: $33 Bounty Generator “Mago Merlei” ” 2. $7,911 $530 Daily Cooldown Davi Cola “DaviMMaker” 1. $4,975

Luiz Constantino closes out 2023 WCOOP with victor...

KSOP GGPoker Fortal: Three players participate in ME

KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza Satellite Qualifies Three M...

Many players are using the KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza Satellite to secure their spot for a share of the R$ 1,000,000 main event prize pool. Multiple packs have been distributed so far, including many for the main event.

Another $55 buy-in qualifier took place on the GGPoker tables on Wednesday (04), with three more buy-ins being handed out for entry into the circuit’s flagship event. Their battles are insane and lucky ones can enter the tournament for much less than the buy-in of R$2,500.

The qualifiers are “69992042891”, “foldnuttz” and “JuninBanckK”, who also competed in the R$2,500 Main Event. It has a guaranteed prize pool of R$1,000,000 and promises generous payouts to its champions.

KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza’s next satellite will be this Monday with a $55 buy-in instead of the other two guaranteed spots. Players can view the full event schedule at this link . The event will take place from October 25th to 31st with a guarantee of R$3,000,000 and is divided into several games. We look forward to seeing you there!

KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza Satellite Qualifies Three M...

Benlesnuts top Winamax battle royale on Tuesday

Benlesnuts top Winamax battle royale on Tuesday

Yesterday, the regular tournament was the focus of Winamax .fres. A total of 24 tournaments with five-figure jackpots and 506,000 euros were organized throughout Tuesday in France. Bonus.

The winner of the top 4 tournaments will receive €5,000.

  • “Jokeezy06” won the Mystery KO 250€ and received €5,700.56
  • “Benlesnuts” won the Battle Royale €200 and took home the biggest prize of the day: € 9,418. 57.
  • “Raizmo” won Prime Time 50€ and received payment of 5€,751. 81 > .
  • “summuNNNN” won 8 euros,546. 87 Thanks to him for winning the €250 HighRoller.

As far as the prize pool is concerned, the fourtournament prizes have exceeded €30,000:

  • Battle Royale (€38,000).
  • After Hours (€31,000).
  • Prime Time (€51,000).
  • HighRoller (€33,000).

Benlesnuts top Winamax battle royale on Tuesday

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