BSOP Millions: Murilo Milhomem Wins LAPT Mystery KO

Murilo Milhomem wins LAPT mystery KO at BSOP Milli...

Winning a BSOP Millions tournament is the dream of every player who plays the event, and landing one of the most rewarding tournaments on the grid is certainly another reason to be excited. For example, Murilo Milhomem of Tocantins left the LAPT Mystery KO match with a smile on his face.

Omaha pro Murilo decided to compete in Monday afternoon’s Max Late race (20). and purchased it for R$5,000. The victory came after nearly 12 hours of play in the Sheraton Hall of the World Trade Center. Milholm defeated 397 opponents to earn R$268,500, including a mystery bounty.

Murillo was very happy with his win and celebrated with his fans. He said of the success: “It’s great, I’ve been with my friends. My fiancée came to the final table today to cheer me on. The final table was very intense and I’m very happy with the win. No words Say it!”

Murilo is among them One chooses to only play on the second day of the tournament and is a player with a relatively low stack compared to other opponents. However, he did not go crazy, but played the game calmly and said:

“Yes, since I am not within the bounty range, I must get the ITM first, so there is no need to be too crazy.” Others. People came later, because it seemed like I didn’t have much and everyone else would go crazy and eliminate me, so I played EV chips, the normal strategy. Then, of course, when I got close to the bubble, I held and went short, but then we tried it,” he explained the strategy.

As the game continued, Murillo soon found himself in the lead status. The final table of this tournament was attended by several well-known players. He left behind Leandro Bustillo, Matheus Tomei, Ronan Andreu, Thiago Raposa, Anderson Machado, Luis Gianello, Walter O’Quim and Mathews Graziotin. However, the road to the championship is not easy.

“I am in “Financial Times” made it to the final table after losing a flip in the semifinals, but came up just short. I started tighter, playing ICM and waiting for bigger values ​​while the bigger guys opened wide. I won my first flip, had two eliminations, and then I started getting more involved in the game and things started happening. I was third in chips, then second. I won heads-up by 7 million against 33 people, but I managed to turn the tables and everything went well. ” he said.

The champion showed curiosity, which was also part of his victory. His fiancée Luana was present today to watch the event, after winning 50,000 reais, 25,000 reais and played a key role in the valuable bounty of 10,000 reais. In addition, at the request of third place winner Walter Oaquim, the “lucky girl” opened Carioca’s envelope and also took out 50,000 reais, winning 10 % as a gift.

“I have three bounties. “At the beginning, I took two copies and left one in my bag. One gave me 2,000 reais and the other 5,000 reais. I kept one and then took another Got two. I called Luana and she took 50,000 reais, 25,000 reais and 10,000 reais out of 10,000 dollars, unbelievable. Also, Walter saw this and asked me to open it for him envelope, so that if Luana takes away 50,000 reais, he wins 10%. The result is there, a real lucky charm,” concluded the champion.

Look at the final prize:

1. – Murilo Milhomem – R$268,500

2. – Matheus Grazziotin – R$ 103,000

3. – Walter O’Quim – R$ 74,850

4. – Luiz Joanello – R$ 60,520

5. – Andron Machado – R$ 47,900

6. – Thiago Raposa – R$ 36,900

7. – Ronan Andrew – R$ 27,450

8. – Matheus Tomei – R$ 19,850

9. – Leandro Bustillo – R$ 16,050

Murilo Milhomem wins LAPT mystery KO at BSOP Milli...

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  • Marshall.mills

    This text describes the victory of Murilo Milhomem in a BSOP Millions tournament, where he defeated 397 opponents and earned R$268,500. His calm and strategic gameplay, along with the support of his fiancée, contributed to his success.

  • This text describes the victory of Murilo Milhomem in the BSOP Millions tournament, highlighting his strategy and the support of his fiancée. It also provides the prize distribution for the top nine players.

  • I think the text describes a thrilling and intense poker tournament where Murilo Milhomem emerged victorious after a long and strategic game. It’s impressive how he navigated through tough opponents, stayed calm, and ultimately won a significant cash prize.

  • Hickle.rolando

    This text describes the exciting journey and ultimate victory of Murilo Milhomem in a BSOP Millions tournament, showcasing his strategic gameplay and success in defeating 397 opponents. His fiancee’s involvement and the generous bounty prizes add to the story of his triumph.

  • Tiffany.lynch

    I think this text showcases the excitement and strategy involved in winning a BSOP Millions tournament. The champion’s journey, strategic gameplay, and the support of his fiancée are highlighted, making the victory even more special. The final prize distribution also highlights the significant reward for the top players.

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