“CarroDoOvo wins HighS da Suprema

“CarroDoOvo wins HighS da Suprema

Grinder “CarroDoOvos” Suprema had a great warm-up to the Poker Series Main Event. He beat 89 players at the R$1,500 HighS table to win R$44,293.

Meanwhile, “Donk Pro” was crowned the winner of the R$250 Battle HR. As the first among 959 participants, he gained R$33,666 in points.

“-BOBBY-” also received a five-figure bonus. He won R$15,822 after beating 212 players in the R$550 Mystery Bounty.

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R$ 55 Battle (1,214 entries)

1. Ranking – “ganggang1 ” R$ 8,917

R$15 Plus (4,235 items)

1. Location – “SergioIT” R$ 8,538

“CarroDoOvo wins HighS da Suprema

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  • This text appears to be reporting on the results of various poker events, highlighting the winners and the prize money they received. It seems to provide a brief overview of the victories and the number of participants in each event.

  • Peyton.glover

    This text highlights the achievements of various players in different poker events. Grinder CarroDoOvos Suprema won a significant amount of money by beating 89 players, while “Donk Pro” emerged as the winner among 959 participants, earning a substantial point prize. Additionally, BOBBY received a five-figure bonus for winning the R$550 Mystery Bounty.

  • I think the text describes successful performances in various poker tournaments, with players winning significant amounts of money. It seems like Grinder CarroDoOvos Suprema, “Donk Pro”, and -BOBBY- had impressive victories in their respective events.

  • It seems like Grinder CarroDoOvos Suprema had a successful warm-up to the Poker Series Main Event by winning the R$1,500 HighS table. Additionally, “Donk Pro” and -BOBBY- also had impressive victories, showcasing their skills in the tournament.

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