Felipe Pantoja wins WCOOP event 25-H

Felipe Pantoja wins WCOOP event 25-H

The Brazilians have already shown in the first week of the WCOOP that they will dominate the PokerStars Felt. The country claimed five titles on Saturday alone. Kelvin Kerber was crowned champion in Event 32-H, while Felipe Pantoja outlasted his opponents in Event 25-H: $3,150 No Limit Hold’em (6-max, re-entry possible). He finished first out of 94 entrants, winning $67,388.

In the 24m:$530 NL Hold’em (Progressive KO) event, the national team won the doubles “Shun Zao” with “ferkovsk” and Alexandre “Pazinato” The two players raised respectively $103,927 and $65,098. Also in the tournament, Victor “victorbco” Hugo earned $34,572 to finish fourth.

A short time later, history repeated itself in the 22-M event: $55 No Limit Hold’em. The deal netted champion Felipe “fcb-serv” Badotti $29,872. Meanwhile, runner-up Rafael “R4F3R4” Façanha’s bankroll increased by $28,249.

“rutherfordio II” also won at the WCOOP. He earned $5,993 after defeating 8,707 opponents in Event 22-L: $5.50 No Limit Hold’em.

Felipe Pantoja wins WCOOP event 25-H

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  • This text highlights the dominance of Brazilian players in the first week of the WCOOP PokerStars tournament, with five titles claimed in a single day. It showcases the achievements and winnings of various Brazilian players in different events, showcasing their skill and success in the game of poker.

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    This text highlights the impressive performance of Brazilian players in the WCOOP poker tournament, with multiple players claiming titles and winning substantial amounts of money. It demonstrates the dominance of the Brazilian poker community in this event.

  • It appears that Brazilian players have been performing exceptionally well in the WCOOP, securing multiple titles and significant cash prizes. Their success demonstrates their skill and dominance in the world of online poker.

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