Luiz Constantino wins 2023 WCOOP Finals

Luiz Constantino closes out 2023 WCOOP with victor...

WCOOP 2023 ends on Wednesday evening (04), with plenty of time to win some Brazilian titles in the series. The most notable of these was Luiz Constantino, who received a handsome bonus after winning a side event.

The pro from Costa São Paulo won the WCOOP Side Event: USA $109 NLHE 7-Max Last Player with the account “Giant_Santos” out of 854 entries. As a bonus, Luiz Constantino left PokerStars with a balance of US$26,197.

In the final event of the $530 series, #110-H, Brazil hit home with “viniig” account captain Vinicius Gonçalves. . He finished second out of 307 entrants and added $14,900 to his credit.

Finally at WCOOP 108-M: $530 finally frozen, No. 366 entrant, Brazil had two representatives at the final table. One of them is Keven Augusto (or “kevenppn”), who is third with $14,815, and Edilson Jr (or “EdilsonRTJ”), who is fourth with $9,725.

See more results below:

Event Player Place Price

WCOOP 105-L: $33 Super Tuesday “Bruno.Godoy2” 2. $14,299 WCOOP 105-L: $33 Super Tuesday “FatGodPoker” 3. $10,193 $530 Bounty Generator HR Davi Cola “DaviMMaker” 2. $10,006 WCOOP Edition: $33 Bounty Generator “CannaGrower1” 1. $9,251 WCOOP Edition: $33 Bounty Generator “Mago Merlei” ” 2. $7,911 $530 Daily Cooldown Davi Cola “DaviMMaker” 1. $4,975

Luiz Constantino closes out 2023 WCOOP with victor...

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  • This text provides a recap of the WCOOP 2023, highlighting Brazilian players’ success in various events and their winnings. It showcases the accomplishments of players like Luiz Constantino and Vinicius Gonçalves, who earned significant bonuses and added substantial amounts to their credit. Overall, it portrays a successful performance by Brazilian participants in the series.

  • This text highlights the success of Brazilian players at the WCOOP 2023, with notable wins and high earnings. It demonstrates the skill and talent of these players in the poker series.

  • This text showcases the success of Brazilian players in the WCOOP 2023 series, highlighting their achievements and winnings in various events. It demonstrates the talent and skill of Brazilian poker players in international competitions.

  • Tito.hodkiewicz

    It seems that Brazilian players had a strong showing at WCOOP 2023, with notable victories and impressive earnings. It’s great to see players like Luiz Constantino and Vinicius Gonçalves performing well in the series.

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