Phil Hellmuth praises great performance and puts humility aside: ‘I’m the best in the world right now’

Phil Hellmuth praises great performance and puts h...

In an exclusive interview with Card Player, Phil Hellmuth once again expressed his immense confidence in his game. After a great WSOP match, he didn’t mince words, once again declaring himself the greatest player in history and the true GOAT of poker.

“The tide has turned and now they’re big pros like Sean.” Dib gave me the “GOAT” title, acknowledging that I was the best player in the tournament today. My results over the past 20 months bear this out. It’s nice to get genuine recognition. Although the big guys at the second level (world rankings 8 and 80) still don’t give it to me. This level doesn’t understand the greatness of poker and will never reach the top. Ivy knows how incredible I am, and I know how incredible he is. I always say, “Great people know who the great people are,” Hellmuth explains.

Hellmuth has been a member of the Poker Hall of Fame since 2007 and has the utmost respect for poker’s greatest legends. At the last WSOP, he attended a ceremony honoring Doyle Brunson just hours after winning a bracelet marathon in Event 72: the US$10,000 NL Hold’em Super Turbo.

“I”I didn’t sleep. “This all happened before the tribute to Doyle, even though I won the bracelet at 5 a.m. I spoke from my heart about Doyle. I think people loved it, and that’s the point.”

In the decisive final of Event 72, Hellmuth met players from different generations. Despite the fatigue and pressure of maintaining a WSOP record, he said he never gets nervous.

“Sometimes I get stressed out when I get tired and lose pots. For example, at the H.O.R.S.E. tournament, I got impatient.” When we were down to eleven players , no eliminations within four hours. I was very focused at first and thought I could at least win heads-up, but I lost a few pots I should have been in and dropped to 11th place. ”

Hellmuth was one of the highlights, finishing 10th at the WSOP, the largest tournament in the world’s history. With experience playing in the World Series since 1988, he believes poker has never been more popular than it is now. .

“It’s Poker Craze! I think the pandemic has created new players. “Thanks to our great games (18-24 year olds are coming back in droves) and to the 100,000 retired gamers who are better off now than they were then (maturity helps!) because they don’t Play again and start enjoying playing poker again. Retired players have more money and better ideas about bankroll management.”

Phil Hellmuth praises great performance and puts h...

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  • This text portrays Phil Hellmuth’s confidence in his poker skills and his belief that he is the greatest player in history. He also discusses his respect for poker legends and the popularity of the game, which he attributes to the pandemic and the influx of new and retired players.

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    In my opinion, the text portrays Phil Hellmuth as extremely confident and self-assured in his poker skills, claiming to be the greatest player in history. He also expresses his respect for other poker legends and believes that poker’s popularity has increased due to the pandemic.

  • The text portrays Phil Hellmuth as extremely confident in his poker abilities and self-appointed as the greatest player in history. Despite some criticism from other pros, Hellmuth continues to assert his greatness and show respect for poker legends like Doyle Brunson.

  • The text portrays Phil Hellmuth boasting about his poker skills and achievements, emphasizing his confidence in being the greatest player in history. Despite his claims, the text also highlights his respect for pokers greatest legends like Doyle Brunson. Additionally, Hellmuth discusses the growing popularity of poker, attributing it to the pandemic bringing in new players and retired players returning to the game.

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