Professional advice never hurts

Professional advice never hurts

Here are some thoughts, advice and comments from some of the best poker players in the world on how to become a great poker player.

“A hand can be won by luck or lost by bad luck.”. Play a thousand hands or more and you will see how bad luck and good luck disappear. .Eike Adler, trainer and author of several poker books.

“Poker is a very broad and extremely important thing to understand “In poker, experience is the most important” Katja Thater, Professional Poker player.

“Luck plays a role in poker, but when we play for money, we should ignore luck as a factor.” January Meiners, professional poker player and author of several books.

“Don’t marry a hand; it will happen.” occurs often with hands like A-K. Chris Moneymaker, professional player and 2003 WSOP Champion.

“If we focus too much on making money, we’ll end up playing poorly.” Chris Ferguson, 2000 WSOP Champion.

“A doubling preflop with a 6-7 hand may cause us to lose on the flop, but it gives us control of the pot at the table, an attitude that will make our opponents Decide on their next move. Erick Lindgren, Professional Poker Player.

“Play the game as simply, safely and smartly as possible. Never copy another player’s move as a bluff unless you have a good reason. ” Chris Moneymaker

Professional advice never hurts

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    This text provides a range of perspectives from renowned poker players on what it takes to become a great player. It emphasizes the importance of experience, understanding the game, and not relying too much on luck. It also suggests playing strategically, maintaining control of the pot, and making smart moves.

  • This text provides insights and advice from professional poker players on various aspects of the game, including luck, experience, mindset, and strategy. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the game, not relying too much on luck, and playing smartly while maintaining control of the pot.

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