Willian Cestari Wins Tough Battle for BSOP Ranking

Willian Cestari Wins Tough Battle for BSOP Ranking

When BSOP 2023 began, Willian Cestari wasn’t even thinking about competing for a BSOP 2023 ranking. With three important wins in the first two stages, he began to prepare for the long race. Never giving up on this dream was the basis for the greatest success in his entire career.

“I arrived in Sao Paulo and the first stage was in progress. I ended up winning the no-rest race, which started at 2pm and ended at 4am the next day. Then I won the “Last Chance” ” champion and was already ranked high. I wasn’t sure if I should go to Brasilia, but I ended up traveling with some friends and won another tournament there. I did the Winter Million but nothing It didn’t happen. I won some ITM games but only got some points and dropped down the rankings.”

Willian has no intention of continuing to chase the league leaders and had a loose and unexpected performance in Iguazu Something happened.

“It’s weird. I’ve done 5 FTs in a row and won 3 titles.” I moved up to fifth place, 190 points behind leader Dodô Oliveira. Since everyone is on the same page, I created a schedule for the BSOP Million based on the rankings. I managed to win the full package on the PokerStars Online Satellite, which helped me a lot. Although I didn’t participate in the mixed competition, I achieved good results and gained a nice little fat body, which helped me win the championship. ”

In the final act of the BSOP Millions, William was only 49 points away from first place grinder Gabriel Valero. Then each of them put their strategies into practice , GGPokers Team Pro has the chance to “steal” the lead of the previous championship with its starting lineup.

All Baleeiro has to do is enter ITM Event 92: R$2,000 dealer’s choice of 20 games to decide the 2022 rankings The same event. The Bahian even had a place in the Financial Times but was well behind all his rivals. After being eliminated in the bubble, he has watched the title go from He slipped away.

Willian Cestari Wins Tough Battle for BSOP Ranking

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  • Kertzmann.yessenia

    This text describes the journey of Willian Cestari in the BSOP 2023 competition, where he initially didn’t have the intention to compete but ended up achieving significant wins and climbing up the rankings. However, in the final act, he was unable to secure the title due to being eliminated in the bubble of the key event.

  • Strosin.tierra

    The text describes Willian Cestari’s journey in the BSOP 2023 poker competition, where he initially didn’t have high hopes but ended up performing exceptionally well. However, in the final act, he narrowly missed the opportunity to steal the lead and win the championship.

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