WPT Prime has put together its first final table

WPT Prime has put together its first final table

On day three of the WPT Prime Championship, nine players remained from a record field of 10,512 entrants, setting up a $10,196,640 million prize pool. An attempt on Wednesday will be to reduce that number to six, so that the room will be televised next Tuesday the 19th, the day the winner will be announced.

Four members of the Armada were eliminated on day two, Matías Gabrenja,Nicolás Betbesé, Ariel Mantel and Dorian Ríos and another Nick Yunis who didn’t make any money.

One ​​of the two final tables of this WPT.

The winner will win $1,386,280, plus $10,400 into the next WPT tournament. Among the nine survivors, Jon Glendenning is the leader, jumping to the top with 72,600,000 chips. All are guaranteed a salary of $135,850.

Buy-in: US$1,100

Entries: 10,512

Pot: US$10,196,640

Blinds: Level 37 (500K/1M, 1M ante)

Top 10

1° Jon Glendenning – 72,600,000

2° Jay Lu – 67,900,000

3° Calvin Anderson – 61,200,000

4° Valeriy Pak – 60,200,000

5° Bob Buckenmayer – 46,600,000

6° Aaron Pinson – 45,900,000

7° Yuebin Guo – 32,600,000

8° Mukul Pahuja – 17,900,000

9° Tri Dao – 16,500,000

Payment table

1° US$1,386,280*

2° US$910,000

3° US$675,000

4° US$505,000

5° US$380,000

6° US$290,000

7° US$225,000

8° US$173,000

9° US$135,850

WPT Prime has put together its first final table

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  • This text provides an update on the progress of the WPT Prime Championship. It mentions the number of remaining players, the prize pool, and the current chip leaders. It also outlines the payouts for the top 9 players, including the first-place prize of $1,386,280.

  • This text provides information about the WPT Prime Championship, including the number of players remaining, the prize pool, and the current chip leader. It also lists the players’ chip counts and the payouts for the top nine positions.

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