Cade Farias wins WCOOP Main Event minimum prize and takes home $257,000

Cade Farias wins WCOOP Main Event minimum prize an...

WCOOP 2023 has the largest number of entries, no problem for Brazilian Cade Farias. In the Lower Main Event, he defeated 27,183 opponents to win his first title at the festival. The pilot of the “CadeMito” account earned a total of $257,039.

Unlike many of his opponents in the finals, Cade did not make any re-entries during the Main Event. Argentinian Damian Salas, on the other hand, held on briefly at FT, firing four shots. In his farewell, the world champion lost by one stroke from ACheck to Q♥Q♣ from “Ant1K1ller”.

The last South American player, Cade, is the one who sent “Ant1K1ller”. “. Home. Another all-in preflop, he showed A♠K♣ to A♦Q♣, eliminating the Kyrgyz player in sixth place.

In 5 hands, Cade alternated with “Stoqnov303” until the Brazilian took down a huge pot of 53 blinds. Holding A♥A♠, he immediately called the Bulgarian’s 4-bet all-in with Q♣Q♠. 5 The board of \10♠8\4♣10♣ did not surprise Cade, who doubled his chips. At the same time, “Stoqnov303” only had 2 BBS left.

Although Despite the odds stacked against him, “Stoqnov303” still managed to advance to the trio, and one hit spelled his demise. When A♣K♠ went up against Cade’s A♦9♥, he saw Team Cardroom’s grinder hit 5♣3 ♠9♠9♣8♣ board.

Going into the heads-up with almost twice as many chips as “Goonie Tit”, Cade needed to work hard to defeat his opponent from Malta. The balance sheet was very balanced and the deal was Inevitable. They kept playing until Cade sent Goonie Tit home. Here’s what happened:

The blinds were 3,500,000/7,000,000, the ante was 875,000, and “Goonie Tit” All-in, Cade raises to 24,000,000. Here, “Goonie Tit” also goes all-in for 133,520,820. Cade immediately calls and shows 8 8 ♠. With A♥2♥, “Goonie Tit” flops 9♠5 ♥2♠ won more outs, but the K♥ on the turn and 7 on the river confirmed the Brazilian’s victory.

With 27,184 entries and a $109 main event low, PokerStars cancels $2,500,000 guaranteed and pays out $2,718,400 in bonuses.

Cade Farias wins WCOOP Main Event minimum prize an...

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  • Christiansen.dominique

    This text seems to be discussing the results of the WCOOP 2023, highlighting Brazilian player Cade Farias’ impressive performance and victory in the Lower Main Event. It also mentions the number of entries and the payout amounts for the event.

  • This text provides a detailed account of Cade Farias’ victory at the WCOOP 2023, where he defeated over 27,000 opponents to claim his first title at the festival. Despite not making any re-entries, Cade emerged as the winner, earning a total of $257,039.

  • Elnora.homenick

    It seems like Brazilian player Cade Farias had an impressive performance at WCOOP 2023, winning his first title at the festival and earning a significant cash prize. The tournament had a large number of entries and PokerStars exceeded their guaranteed prize pool, providing players with additional bonuses.

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