Ivan Stokes wins WCOOP 2023 Main Event Senior Champion

Ivan Stokes dominates the straight to win WCOOP 20...

Another successful phase of the PokerStars WCOOP has come to an end with Brazilian bonuses in the Main Event mid and lower stakes. However, in the most expensive and popular version, British ace Ivan Stokes (PokerDetox Partner) made the cut with a whopping $10,300 buy-in.

This well-deserved victory came after four days of competition in which Ivan etched his “ILS007” account in the WCOOP after defeating 600 qualified contestants. in history. On top of that, he received a million-dollar bonus of $1,047,257, the largest bonus of his career.

Ivan performed well throughout the tournament and final table. Starting the final with the biggest chip stack of the nine finalists, he struggled at first and even lost his spot as the tournament chip leader, but eventually went all-in on pre-flop AA against Brazilian QQ Kelvin Kerber takes the lead. Eliminated in seven rounds.

Since then, this diligent player has never stopped and has always stayed ahead. In four hands, Ivan broke Niklas Astedt’s KK with 22 on the 8Q243 board and took half of the chips. His next victim was Juan Pastor, who went all-in preflop with A9 to 44, with A368T on the board causing the Argentinian to be eliminated and heads up.

The final stone in Stokes’ shoe is a mystery. Swede “ShipitFTW911”, but heads up the cooler and ended the game in just a few hands. With KK, he hit a huge pot on a board of 6T722 and was successfully paid off by his opponent’s pot of 99, giving away all his chips to deliver a nice win for WCOOP 2023 Main Event Senior Champion Ian Stokes .

See the final prize pool:

1. – Ivan Stokes “ILS007” (UK) – $1,047,257

2 – “ShipitFTW911 ” (Sweden) – $765,389

3. – Juan Pastor “xPastorcitox” (Argentina) – $559,385

4. – Niklas Astedt “Lena900” (Sweden) – $408,827

5. – Leonard Maue “Grozzorg” (Germany) – $298,792

6. – Jamil Wakil “Jamil11” (Canada) – $218,372

7. – Kelvin Kerber “Kelvin_FP:AR” (Brazil) – $159,598

8. – Mario Mosboeck “livinmydream1” (Austria) – $116,642

9. – Kayhan Mokri “KayhanMok” (Norway) – $94,330

Ivan Stokes dominates the straight to win WCOOP 20...

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  • This text highlights the success of British poker player Ivan Stokes in the PokerStars WCOOP Main Event, where he emerged as the champion with a $1,047,257 prize. Stokes showcased his skills throughout the tournament, defeating strong opponents and eventually claiming victory in an impressive manner.

  • This text provides a recap of the successful PokerStars WCOOP, highlighting British player Ivan Stokes’ victory in the Main Event and his impressive winnings of $1,047,257. It also mentions his skilled gameplay and elimination of other players, ultimately crowning him as the WCOOP 2023 Main Event Senior Champion.

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