Pedro Neves spoils the wonder of Thomas Santerne’s double positioning in GGMillion$.

Pedro Neves spoils the wonder of Thomas Santerne's...

Tuesday night is time for GGPoker’s biggest regular tournament, the €10,000 buy-in event called GGMillion$.

This week has seen one of the strangest and most striking games since this High Roller saw the light. How do you eat this?

Well, double elimination on the bubble and a sitout by Thomas Santerne, who at the same time of the tournament we must think that he was traveling from the French capital to Andorra after dispatching the HU of the €50k of the EPT Paris.

Besides these two “holes” in the lineup, the highlight of the lineup was the lead of Damian Salas, with almost a stack ahead of Pedro Neves and the mysterious and supposedly wealthy businessman “spaise411”.

Finland’s Eelis Parssinen is the best known of the rest of the cast, where you’ll get a look at the play of Paulius Vaitiekunas, a former GGMillion$ winner when he called himself “redpillgame” and Andrii Derzhypilskyi, a WSOP Online event champion.

Alternatively, you might prefer the in-house production by GGPoker-associated player Steve Enriquez, who was supported by Alberto Perez “Catof” on the microphones.

There was little time to enjoy the Baltic players, who fell while Santerne was out of the game.

The Frenchman appeared again at a table of six where there were three players below 10bb. Salas was stealing chips from everywhere but Pedro Neves’ stack, and there wasn’t much more plastic left on the table.

Santerne was favored by the quick exit of the rest of the shorts, because it was no longer so easy to put pressure on him. In addition, Salas doubled him up in the blinds and in the next hand both Santerne and Neves made three kings and the €50k Paris champion took second place.

Neves recovered with KK against Damian Salas’ AK, who ate another cooler with KK against Santerne’s AA to finish in fourth place.

Neves managed to raise the stack of “spaise411” and went into the HU with 11M points against 2M, an advantage that did not diminish until the final hand.

Pedro Neves $289,015

Thomas Santerne $225,709

spaise411 $ 176,269

Damian Salas $137,659

visomar $107,506

Eelis Parsinen $83,957 $ 83,957

Paulius Vaitiekunas $ 65,567 $ 65,567

Andrii Derzhypilskyi $51,205

Pedro Neves spoils the wonder of Thomas Santerne's...

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  • This text provides a detailed overview of the GGMillion$ tournament on GGPoker, highlighting key moments and players. The final results show Pedro Neves emerging as the champion, with Thomas Santerne, spaise411, and Damian Salas also finishing in the money.

  • It seems like a thrilling and intense poker tournament with unexpected twists and turns. The players showed skill and determination, with Pedro Neves ultimately emerging as the victor. Overall, it was an exciting event with a deserving winner.

  • The text provides a detailed recap of the recent GGMillion$ tournament on GGPoker, highlighting key moments and players involved. It describes the intense competition and eventual winner, Pedro Neves, who took home a significant cash prize. Overall, it offers an engaging and informative overview of the event.

  • The text discusses the €10,000 buy-in GGMillion$ tournament on GGPoker, highlighting the strange and competitive gameplay that occurred. It provides a detailed account of the final results, showcasing Pedro Neves as the eventual winner with a substantial cash prize.

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