“Poker_54Rhu” wins Supreme Battle HR title

“Poker_54Rhu” wins Supreme Battle HR title

On Tuesday the 19th, several players won huge winnings at Suprema, replenishing their balances. In the R$250 Battle HR, grinder “Poker_54Rhu” defeated 871 opponents and earned R$40,243.

“Pró Saúde 30%” also became the winner of the R$750 HighS. He finished first out of 80 entries, winning R$17,603.

See more results:

R$75 Mystery Prize (1,288 entries)

Winner: “Graxinha” R$ 11,943

R$15 Plus (2,004 entries)

Winner: “Pitaqueiro” R$ 8,861

R $55 Big Plus (639 entries)

Winner: “Aisengobay_” R$ 8,565

“Poker_54Rhu” wins Supreme Battle HR title

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  • This text shows that several players had successful outcomes at Suprema, winning significant amounts of money in different poker events. It demonstrates the diverse opportunities for players to earn winnings within the platform.

  • It seems like there were some big wins at Suprema on Tuesday the 19th, with multiple players winning substantial amounts in different tournaments. The diversity of the events and the number of entries makes it clear that there were plenty of opportunities for players to walk away with significant cash prizes.

  • I think it’s great that several players had big wins at Suprema on Tuesday. It’s interesting to see the different amounts won in various tournaments, showcasing the diversity of players and their skills.

  • It seems that there were several players who had great success at Suprema on Tuesday, with significant winnings in various tournaments. It’s impressive to see the skill of these players in defeating so many opponents and taking home such large prizes.

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